Frequently Asked Questions

We have included the most common questions relating to our services below. If the answer to your question is not listed below then please get in touch via our support centre.
What are your nameservers?
We have four nameservers. These are:


Please note that after you change your domains nameservers it can take up to 24hrs to promulgate across the internet.
What happens when I purchase a domain?
Domains are registered at registry level as soon as you complete the checkout process with us. It can take up to 72 hours for a domain name to become visible on the internet as it globally updates. This applies for all domain names regardless of extension or registrar. However, in the majority of cases your domain name will be live within a few hours. Once you’ve registered a domain name, you’ll also need to purchase web hosting to build your website.

With us you own your domain name and therefore have full rights and control over it; we never register customer domains in our name.
What if I change my mind after purchasing a domain?
As all domains are purchased instantly from registries when you make an order, unfortunately we’re not able to issue refunds.
How do I manage my domain name?
Manage your domains and other services (such as email) quickly and easily from your bespoke control panel. Every feature has been designed for practicality and ease of use; for example, our bulk management tools make managing hundreds of domains as easy as managing one.
I don't want my personal details made public for a domain. Is this possible?
Anyone buying a domain name from any provider is required to provide correct contact details which are then added to the public, globally accessible WHOIS database. This information is ofen used by third parties for spam, scams, and selling on. You can prevent your contact details being listed in this way with our Domain Privacy service. If you’re buying any .UK domain name (ending .uk, .co.uk, .org.uk, or .me.uk) and you’re a non-trading individual, you can hide your contact details from public view for free from your control panel.

Registering a domain name with another extension? We provide a domain privacy service which will show secured contact details instead of yours for a small cost.
Where are your servers based?
Our servers reside in a datacentre in the UK. Our state-of- the-art data centre offers the latest in security and environmental technologies and is manned 24/7, ensuring your data and websites are secure and monitored at all times. We have a resilient national network and enterprise level cloud platform so you get the best possible hosting experience.
Do I get a control panel with my hosting?
Manage your websites, databases, email, files, and every other aspect of your hosting account straight from your bespoke control panel.

We’ve developed it ourselves to ensure a sleek, modern and user-friendly experience.

As well as containing all the practical features you need, your control panel comes with lots of useful extras, including a range of website tools and 70+ one-click installs of popular software titles such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, and more.
What is your hosting setup like?
Our powerful, bespoke hosting platform has been designed for you by experts with over twenty years’ industry experience. We provide you with unbeatable load-balanced cloud hosting, meaning there’s no single point of failure and your website performance will never be affected by other users’ websites, visitors or activity. All servers have SSD storage as standard, and we’ve optimised every part of your experience for maximum speed and security. Our hosting is designed to scale as your website grows, meaning the same great performance no matter how popular you get.

We have a range of web hosting packages available to suit most web space, bandwidth and database requirements. However, if you need a custom solution, we’re more than happy to create a unique plan that works for you.
Should I purchase your WordPress hosting for my WordPress website?
We’ve developed our own hosting platform just for WordPress websites, ensuring you get a robust, secure hosting environment and consistently excellent speeds your visitors will love. Our hosting is designed to scale as your website grows, meaning the same great performance no matter how popular you get.

To keep our WordPress platform running optimally, we only allow WordPress to be installed. You’re still free to write, add and modify WordPress-compatible code and files, such as themes, plugins, media uploads, and so on. You’ll also have full access to mailboxes and email accounts outside WordPress. If you think you may want to create a non-WordPress website or install/upload something outside WordPress, our standard Web Hosting plans are a better choice for you.

We update the WordPress core for you automatically whenever updates are released, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.
What are your one click installs?
When you buy a web hosting package from us, you automatically get access to a wide range of one-click install software. It’s all free to use for both commercial and personal use, meaning you can create outstanding fully-functional websites in minutes.

We offer 70+ one-click installs to choose from including CMS (content management systems), Ecommerce platforms, Galleries, Forums & Social Networks, Analytics, Webmail, Business & Project Management and many other tools.
What is an SSL certificate?
An SSL certificate is displayed for websites in the form of a padlock icon in the address bar, a green bar, and a URL that starts with https://. Behind the scenes, this means that the website has been verified and any information passed between the server and a visitor’s web browser is securely encrypted. An SSL connection is vital for any website that requests or stores personal information such as contact details or payment information.

An SSL certificate not only signals trust and authority to your website visitors, it also helps protect them when browsing your website. It prevents data interception and shows your business has been validated, ensuring complete peace of mind for your visitors and better rankings in Google. It’s a must-have when you’re selling online.

An SSL certificate is attached to your hosting package rather than your domain name. For this reason, you’ll need to host your website with us even if your domain name is registered elsewhere. We offer a range of exceptionally high quality UK hosting plans backed by UK support.

All our SSL certificates are provided and verified by leading security experts GlobalSign.
What's the difference between a standard SSL and an EV SSL?
We offer two types of SSL certificate: Standard and Extended:

Standard SSL Certificate
https:// (instead of http://)
Improve Google rankings
Padlock icon displayed in browser
Domain validation

The Extended SSL Certificate includes all the features above plus:
It’s an Extended Validation (EV) Certificate
It features the green address bar and company name in the browser
It’s underwritten with a $1.5 million warranty
Do you offer website building software?
Yes we do! Create beautiful websites in minutes – no code or extra software needed! Showcase your business, project, or personal brand by building your own stunning website.

To use our Website Builder, simply purchase any of our standard web hosting plans (plus a domain name if you don’t already have one you want to use). Email accounts are included as standard with all our hosting packages.