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#VPS Hosting - Meaning and Features


VPS hosting has been around for a while, yet many people do not even know how it works – no wonder, we still have a large number of web owners who are yet to tap into the benefits of this hosting plan. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, it is also known as “private cloud”. This type of hosting makes use of servers that operate based on virtualization mechanism. A VPS hosting is a server having its own operating system and allocated server resources all working within one bigger server. Every aspect of VPS hosting is virtual. For a clearer look, you have to take it this way; You have a physical server that is divided into several virtual servers. If you are using VPS, you will have virtual server which will be reserved only for you. You will not be sharing your dedicated resources such CPU, Storage, Bandwidth, or RAM with another user.T

There are several awesome features you can derive from VPS hosting but the features you get vary depending on your hosting provider. The following are few features of VPS hosting.

Server Monitoring: If you are using a good VPS provider like Chiefhosting, the network and hardware your account relies on will enjoy active monitoring. This will ensure constant physical security of the server and will also acts as shield against hackers and DDoS attacks.

Management and Support: VPS hosting give you optimum control over the management of your own server, however, if you do not want to manage your own server; there are several companies that provide management services and administrative supports. This feature will come handy if you do not have technical knowledge about server management.

Complete Root Access: The major role of root access is to give you complete control over your VPS account from software installations to configurations. All these actions can be performed from your control panel.

Multiple Domain Hosting: Many VPS hosting provider will offer you multiple domain hosting without any lag in performance. Although, this feature is not peculiar to VPS hosting, shared hosting plans offer this benefit but often fail to provide enough resources for the proper functioning of the server. VPS hosting also allow you to set up separate email accounts and allocate resources to each website.

Automatic and Manual Data Backup: A proper VPS hosting plan will offer you a way to backup your data. You should be able to manually or automatically backup your own data. VPS hosting will help keep your data intact and protected at all times.

Fast Website Loading Speed: The more content you add to your website the slower it tends to become, this is not true in the case of VPS hosting. VPS hosting will help you to manage your website content and traffic in other to provide increase website loading speed.

VPS hosting will offer you the cheapest access to many features that will make your website to operate at an optimum level. To really enjoy all these features and many more, you need to make use of a good VPS hosting provider and is your best bet.

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