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Top Reasons to Opt for #HostedEmail for Business

Hosted Email for Business

The reasons and benefits of using email hosting services are tremendous. However, to give you a gist of what you achieve by hosting your email on paid servers, let’s assume that you are a small business unit. When your employees send an email from their personal address without a company domain, they can be treated as SPAM or the emails might not be considered as professional.

Secondly, with so much data and financial transactions taking place, there is always a threat of data theft. To mitigate all these adverse effects, many companies from small businesses to large enterprises opt for hosted email.

Top Benefits of Hosted Email

Projecting brand image

Using an Email Hosting Services UK allows you to send emails to your clients using your company’s domain name. This conveys professionalism and a sense of trust towards your customers. Hosted emails allow you to use specialised email ids that cannot be filtered as SPAM. Also, they are visible and easy to identify by your clients.

Data protection and Security

When you host your email on a professional hosting service provider, you are building an extra layer of malware and virus protection to your email communication. Email hosting servers use state of the art technology to protect your incoming and outgoing emails from data theft by providing security firewall, SSL encryption, and antivirus filtering to make sure your data remains safe till it reaches its destination. This is especially useful in industries where consumer data protection regulations are very strict such as Banks or Healthcare sectors.


As your business progresses and your clientele increase, your email communication, and data storage requirements increase as well. Hosted email service providers help you take care of this issue by providing scalable storage services that can be increased instantaneously on demand. You do not have to worry about deleting your data or fear about running out of space especially after the introduction of cloud hosting services.

More than just an email

Over the years, emails have become a major source of communication be it contracts, financial transactions, forms, or applications. Today, people want to sync their emails with their calendars, daily news briefings and cloud hosting services. Email hosting servers allow you to combine all this together in a complete package making everything easily accessible.

Technical Support

When you opt for paid email hosting services, you have the leverage of using quick and convenient technical support provided by the organization. For example, email hosting agencies offer 24/7 customer support.


Email has become a primary mode of communication. Companies are investing in hosting their email servers on professional domains. This allows them to create a stronger brand image. With their customized email ids, companies project themselves as being trust worthy and reliable to their clients.

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