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Five Things Your #WebHost Wishes You Already Knew

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When choosing a web host for your website domain, you may have high expectations from the Web hosting service provider such as close-to-zero downtime and a lightning fast response rate. However, many of these webhosting providers wish that clients have an idea about a few things before hand so that they do not have to deal with unrealistic expectations.

1.      There Is No Such Thing As 100% Uptime

While shopping for a webhosting site, you would always come across "nearly 100% uptime" banners. However, it is essential to understand that any webhosting service can go down maybe for a few minutes due to any number of reasons. If you keep a buffer of 1% of downtime while acquiring such a service you can put in place a contingency plan to keep your website running in case your web server goes down.

2.      There Is Always a Fee for Webhosting Service

There are many UK cloud hosting services available on the market that will put a sign of ‘free webhosting available.' But like many other things in life, these services are not actually free. In fact, they will earn their income by putting irrelevant ads on your site to balance out their costs of hosting your web page on their server. They would not have professional customer support and may shut down any time leaving you stranded without a web presence any day.

3.      Less Expensive Does Not Mean Low Quality

In web hosting, you do not need to pay a heavy price for an excellent and reliable service. Many cloud hosting services would merely cost you a couple of pounds a month to host your website, and that too with efficient and reliable service. Web hosting services such as WordPress cloud hosting are easy to use and make web hosting and website designing economical and easy for everyone.

4.      A Couple of Bad Reviews Do Not Tell the Whole Story

In the field of technology, not everyone who is happy with their service provider would make an effort to go online and write about their amazing experience. However, if people are in a bad mood, they would make sure to express their anger in the form of a bad review. In the tech industry, as the company grows, it will attract negative press as well; what is important to note is how it took the feedback to improve its service. If a web hosting company learns and improves from client criticism, then it should be considered to be a good one.

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