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The Benefits of Cloud Computing for #Startups

Cloud Computing for Startups

The benefits of cloud computing are so many that it has rightly earned the name of being the disruptive innovation. Most renowned businesses have been using the technology of cloud computing already. These companies include Google, Amazon, Telstra, NAB, and Optus. The most popular app built by Google using cloud technology was ‘Google Person Finder.' It was developed right after the earthquake of Haiti. Since then, it works for a limited amount of time following any disaster to find people affected by the calamity.

Cloud computing provides access to a vast variety of resources including servers, networks, storage, services and applications in the most convenient, and common way.  These resources require minimum service provider interaction and management efforts. The cloud technology is easily accessible, secure and highly practical.

Now to define a startup company- most technology-oriented, high growth companies that are nascent are the startup companies. Investors choose companies by their high scalability. A startup that is more scalable means that it has the potential to grow at a rapid pace with little investment of land, labor, or capital. Successful startups are versed in achieving more while investing less. In the present era of rapidly improving technology, cloud computing helps these startup businesses to improve their core ability to keep their investments low.

Cloud Hosting offers a host of benefits to startup businesses which have been discussed in detail below;

It is cost-flexible and offers high scalability.With the help of a monthly subscription service offered by cloud computing, startup businesses can stay abreast of the latest business-related development and growth. It also helps them modify their technology with the continually changing innovations.Cloud hosting is easy to integrate into your new, emerging business and does not involve any complicationsCopious amount of data can be accessed and exchanged with the help of this technology at a faster pace than it was ever possible in the pastStartup businesses can optimally thrive with the help of cloud computing, no matter how under financed they are. One such example is the startups taking place in AustraliaUpfront capital costs can be controlled, and infrastructure costs can be successfully shifted to open from capex.Your expenses and revenue are the same, which means the payment you have made for resources does not exceed the revenue generatedWith cloud computing, you can scale on demand. It means that you have the power to scale resources up or down as per your need. The ability to adjust according to the need also accounts for the rapid and efficient growth of your businessRapid provision and efficient infrastructure of cloud computing can help you access market quicker and complete your operations faster than it was possible previously.Savings on labor costs can be usable for the betterment of the people who are already working to strengthen your core business

The savings made on infrastructure are huge. The housing, cooling and powering of the infrastructure is not required anymore since the cloud computing technology replaces the complete infrastructural needs quite well.

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