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What You Need to Avoid When Hiring a #WebHost


There is no question that online businesses need a web host to proceed smoothly. Not to mention, you cannot afford to trust a non-professional web host. That is why you need to stay vigilant when hiring a one. You should invest time to get best hosting solutions that promote your online presence without hindrance. Attaining services of an incapable web host can land you various troubles such as:

It can affect your online authority in the extended runInappropriate services can impact your search ranking negatively.A lousy web host can ruin your hard work in a short time span.You will end up losing money and other resources.

These are the generic drawbacks of hiring the wrong web host. Online businesses require security measurements as well. As a business owner, you need to save information regarding your clients specifically if you are running a retail website. That is another essential factor to consider when selecting a web host. Your business needs a web host who guarantees security. This article will further elaborate what you should look for before hiring a reliable web host.

1.     Focus on Your Needs

The number of clients a web hosting service provider has worked with does not determine the worth of their services. There are plenty of big and successful companies that claim to provide top-notch services. Despite that, you should not pay attention to success stories associated with the web host and double-check the hosting solutions your business requires.

2.     Ask for Customer Support

There is no harm in exploring customer support service before signing the deal. You should not decide on a review given by the third party. It will come in handy if you use their communication channels such as email and online chat beforehand. This way, you will get a picture of how the web host will resolve issues. A web host must provide 24/7 online chat, email access, and phone support and you should test each feature as not getting quick solutions for the problems is dreadful for your online business.

3.     Don’t Go For Cheap Or Free Services

Deals, cheap, or free services attract a lot of business owners particularly the struggling ones. However, when hunting a web host, your focus should only be on the hosting solutions. We suggest taking note of the following factors to prevent the hassle cheap web hosting services often bring.

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All You Need To Know About Cloud-Based #EmailHosting

cloud based email hosting

Emails have always been a key component for businesses. In current times, it is considered a convenient channel for communication. Every business owner must learn that Cloud-Based Email Hosting allows you to thrive in your field. It brings a ton of benefits and allows you to achieve customer acquisition, brand awareness, and customer retention in the longer run. Additionally, you need to stay vigilant when opting for the cloud email hosting as your business cannot afford constant errors. Thereby, you need to know what you should look for when selecting an email hosting service provider for your business.

Storage Space

Make sure to ask how much storage space you will be getting from their services for essential emails and other documents. It is worth noting that with a limited storage space, you may need to delete some of your data i.e. emails, documents, or even message. This way, you might end up losing important emails or messages. You should look for a service provider that allows a maximize storage space if you only use emails for communication to avoid inconvenience.

Easy To Use Service

Cloud email services should cater to your needs. As a business owner, you should opt for a simple yet effective solution to get the job done in no time and without a hassle. You cannot perform your tasks promptly with a complex email platform. Also, your business may suffer due to a muddled email inbox as it won’t allow you to sort your messages rapidly. The service you choose must provide correctly formatted emails to the subscribers despite the device they use.

Business Goals

You should only look for the services after determining the goals of your business. A primary email platform which offers a few emails sending and receiving in a week usually works well for a small business. However, for a big business or goals, a service that can handle plenty of customers is preferable. One of the easiest ways is to compare the features you are offered with your business goals. It should include whether these features have potential to meet your now and future needs.

Costs Of The Service

This is another essential factor when hunting cloud email providers. It is advised to finalize the one you can afford. Hiring an expensive service provider to get top-notch services may not work for small business. It hinders business growth if you pay extra than you earn. Also, going for cheap or free services will be of no benefit either. In the business world, customers rarely believe in general email addresses. Opting for free services can hurt the reputation of the brand as well.

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Some #WebHostingTrends that May Have an Impact on Your Online Business

Web Hosting Trends

Growing online business may seem an extensive process. You cannot achieve the milestone until you opt for the latest trends. The key to establishing a solid online business is to opt for the latest trends such as providing modern security and email services. You can also consult with Email Hosting Services UK to get the job done.

This way, your business can dominate the industry in the more extended run. You cannot progress further using older techniques which may encourage your customers to go to different service providers for solutions. This could be a harrowing experience for any online business that is why switching to new practices is highly recommended.

In Light Of This, Here Are Some Beneficial Trends That Your Online Business May NeedSimple Web Hosting

You are expected to upgrade your services to thrive in the industry. You can reach the certain level if you ensure the following techniques:

Security services such as SSL or HTTPSE-commerce supportWeb design serviceSEO and marketing servicesOnline training to help clientsEmail service

You need to provide a wide range of modern services as simple techniques will take your business nowhere. Additional services will not only determine your worth but they will help sustain a firm place in the innovative web host market.

Switch to HTTPS

Back in 2015, Google announced websites with HTTPS would reach the top of the search result. And in the following year, the search giant may list websites without HTTPS as not secure which will be a threat to customer or user information.

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Top Reasons to Opt for #HostedEmail for Business

Hosted Email for Business

The reasons and benefits of using email hosting services are tremendous. However, to give you a gist of what you achieve by hosting your email on paid servers, let’s assume that you are a small business unit. When your employees send an email from their personal address without a company domain, they can be treated as SPAM or the emails might not be considered as professional.

Secondly, with so much data and financial transactions taking place, there is always a threat of data theft. To mitigate all these adverse effects, many companies from small businesses to large enterprises opt for hosted email.

Top Benefits of Hosted EmailProjecting brand image

Using an Email Hosting Services UK allows you to send emails to your clients using your company’s domain name. This conveys professionalism and a sense of trust towards your customers. Hosted emails allow you to use specialised email ids that cannot be filtered as SPAM. Also, they are visible and easy to identify by your clients.

Data protection and Security

When you host your email on a professional hosting service provider, you are building an extra layer of malware and virus protection to your email communication. Email hosting servers use state of the art technology to protect your incoming and outgoing emails from data theft by providing security firewall, SSL encryption, and antivirus filtering to make sure your data remains safe till it reaches its destination. This is especially useful in industries where consumer data protection regulations are very strict such as Banks or Healthcare sectors.


As your business progresses and your clientele increase, your email communication, and data storage requirements increase as well. Hosted email service providers help you take care of this issue by providing scalable storage services that can be increased instantaneously on demand. You do not have to worry about deleting your data or fear about running out of space especially after the introduction of cloud hosting services.

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#CloudEmail: Everything You Need to Know

UK Hosted Cloud Email Account

In the world of Technology and business, the ‘cloud’ is taking over by storm and there are many reasons why. But before we get as to why Cloud Email is so beneficial, let’s learn what it’s all about first. In simple terms, the cloud is the newest technology that’s being used in large-scale corporations and businesses. Among most of its uses, email hosting is the most popular aside from storage.

The reason for organisations to turn towards cloud email is that it is a better alternative for storing highly sensitive information such as email. This is because the information is stored in a centralised location that can’t be accessed by anyone. This offers the benefit of businesses being able to have all their important data stored so that there is a backup in case of disaster.

The reason why it’s so beneficial is that it’s a cheaper option compared to traditional email servers which would incur heavy costs. By outsourcing your business’ email server, the IT department has more time to deal with the growth prospects and participate in active discussion rather than supervise the email server.

The concern about security may arise because critical information is often exchanged over email and traditional servers are considered as for more secure. In response to this concern, it would be beneficial to know that cloud-based email hosting offer encryption to protect sensitive data from eyes of others. That being said, a degree of confidentiality is maintained which is similar to that of the military.

The biggest advantage is of storage as this is what cloud services are most commonly known for. No longer will businesses need to find means and space for storing email within the company’s own archives because they can simply upload it to a cloud. Another benefit associated with cloud-based email servers is that no additional hardware is required to be installed and no software, either. A simple internet connection will do and there won’t be a need for constant upgrades which are quite common in traditional email servers.

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The Top Benefits of Hosted E-mail for Your Business

business hosted email

Internal and External communication, both are considered to be essential to the success of a business. Having proper channels through which employees can easily communicate can increase the productivity of the staff. Moreover, the kind of internal communication network your business has determined the speed at which everyday problems can be resolved. With the introduction of multiple devices, it is important that the employees can access their messages wherever they are. E-mail hosting has recently seen an increase in popularity and more and more businesses are now switching to e-mail hosting services. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits associated with the use of hosted e-mail.

1.      Professionalism

With so many free e-mail providers out there, it is difficult to reflect the importance of the business in your communication efforts with clients and customers. Having a single hosting service can allow the employees to have a unique specialised ID that they can use when carrying out business communication. For a business, using hosted e-mail can reflect professionalism.

2.      Security

Any documents related to the business that you wish to share with other employees will be kept secure through the use of a hosted e-mail. Most hosted e-mail service providers keep data protection on top of their priorities and make sure that all the information shared across the channel is kept secure. Many providers make use of firewalls, SSL certificates, and other private connections that increases the security of the communication network.

3.      Ease of Access

Whether you are working from home or at the office using your phone, e-mail hosting service providers make sure that you have 24/7 access to your messages. With such a service, you will not need to worry about the downtime associated with the host as there is a support team that will take care of any errors that rise. The ease of access brings in increased flexibility for all the employees and does not let location become an obstacle in the way of productivity.

4.      Finding Contacts

Managing an address book helps all the employees significantly. The sharing of contact information can reduce the time it takes to complete a particular task and can significantly improve the communication network of the business. People do not have to spend hours trying to locate the contact information for a particular person and can easily send an e-mail regarding any issue they are facing.

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Things You Should Know About Cloud E-mail


Moving to the Cloud is a decision that many businesses are making today. It is because of the various benefits associated with the use of UK Cloud hosting services that these changes are taking place. Migrating from the traditional e-mail to Cloud e-mail is another idea that should cross your mind if it has not already. The effectiveness of Cloud e-mail is slowly spreading across different organizations, and while many are reluctant about making a move, there are others that have successfully shifted and are satisfied. In this article, we will discuss some of the things that you should be aware of if you are on the fence about this move. 

Maintaining an in-house server for your e-mails is considered to be relatively more expensive than having cloud e-mail set up. There is no need for hardware, staff, or any other physical infrastructure. This substantially reduces your costs associated with installation and maintenance.If you opt for an e-mail server that is managed internally, you will expose your business to loss of data. With Cloud-based e-mail hosting your data will remain protected and you can count on the provider in case of a disaster.Cloud-based e-mail hosting employs sophisticated and the latest tools that ensure security and data protection. Thus security breaches are considered to be a rare event in case of UK Cloud Hosting Services.The providers give the management of uptime a lot of importance. This is because such a massive hosting service cannot afford to have regular downtimes. Thus there is higher reliability associated with the use of Cloud-based e-mail hosting services which is essential to the success and efficiency of any business' operations.With Cloud-based e-mail hosting, you will no longer need to worry about delivering your employees access anywhere, anytime. A Cloud-based e-mail hosting system will let all the employees enjoy uniform access to their e-mails that will work great to increase the productivity.As your business grows, your needs for increased data storage also increase. This is why it is best to opt for a Cloud based e-mail hosting system that will be flexible and will be able to grow with the needs of your business. There are no extra costs related to infrastructure or personnel that you need to incur as the business grows.Bottom Line

Switching to Cloud for all your e-mail storage needs is a decision that you should definitely consider while keeping in mind the needs of your business. In-house e-mail servers are slowly losing popularity because of the lack of advanced tools implemented. Making this move is a decision that is sure to increase your business’ productivity and efficiency.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Cloud Email

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Cloud Email

Cloud hosting has brought about a dramatic transformation in the way businesses operate today. Cloud E-mail, however, is one of the features that has faced a lot of skepticism from businesses since the notion regarding outsourcing a business’ email servers is full of fears regarding lack of reliability and trust. Nevertheless, a majority of the global companies have adopted Cloud-based e-mail services and have been significantly pleased with the results. If your company is managing an in-house email service system and you are thinking of making the switch to Cloud-based email hosting to build more room for growth for your business, this article explains five reasons why you should make the switch.

1.      Lower Costs

Choosing options such as Google, Microsoft Exchange or others results in increased costs in the form of more personnel working on the maintenance and up gradation of the email server, hardware and software purchase, and operations. In addition to these, there are also higher costs that are brought about by increased data storage needs. With Cloud-based email hosting, your costs will be reduced significantly because of the absence of many of the facto-rs mentioned above that are only associated with the use of an in-house e-mail server such as more personnel requires as well as annual costs of hardware and software.

2.      No Maintenance Worries

By using Cloud-based email hosting, you prevent your resources and time to be used up by regular maintenance and up gradation checks. With the access of one major point for all changes to be implemented, a lot of costs incurred in the form of personnel and resource use is spared.

3.      Data Protection

Contrary to the common belief, Cloud e-mail offers enhanced protection services for your critical and important data. Dealing with an in-house e-mail server puts you at a risk of losing important data in case you internal network gets compromised. Having your e-mail stored in the Cloud will help you ensure its safety and will make it recoverable at any time.

4.      Ease of Access

E-mail has become a crucial element of business communication which is why it is imperative to have its access at all times. With Cloud-based email hosting, you will not have to worry about the kind of device you have to use to be able to access your e-mail. Cloud E-mail can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This results in overall improved user experience and gives your business an opportunity to make use of an improved communication system.

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Busting Some Common Myths About Web Hosting

Busting Some Common Myths About Web Hosting

A good web hosting service is crucial in determining how your website is delivered to the customer. A reliable web hosting company ensures your website can be accessed by members of the audience at any given time and you can have peace of mind about there being no downtime. Downtime is when your website is inaccessible and it is harmful since it disrupts traffic from clicking through. Moreover, businesses that operate online can lose a lot of money by not selecting the right web host. You may have heard supposed ‘webmasters’ spread myths about web hosting be wary since many of them are untrue.

All Cloud Web Hosting Providers Are The Same

Err, wrong. Cloud Web hosting services differ based on each provider and so do the needs for your website. If you go into the market you’ll find that they're divided into two categories of being paid and free. The difference is the reliability between both of them and how important is it for your website to be online without interruptions. The uptime provided by each web host is different, but you should never settle for less than 99% if not 99.9%.

Free Web Hosting Services Will Work On All Websites

Based on your business’s needs and objectives, your web hosting service can have a huge impact on how you will achieve those objectives. The services provided by free web hosting services are limited to running a small scale website and don’t allow all that much space for content either. Meanwhile, operating a business website requires that you make a considerable investment for a reliable web hosting service.

Reliable Web Hosting = Expensive

This equation is incorrect because higher prices for web hosting don’t necessarily mean that it’s effective. Don’t fall for services that take more money than they are worth. This means that the features and services are good, but not worth the price. Make sure to do your research on the market before finally deciding to buy a web hosting service.

You Won’t Need a Web Host Once You’ve Established A Website

If you think that only new websites use web hosting to survive on the world wide web that you’re wrong, but right at the same time. That’s because they do need a web hosting service to survive, but so do well-established websites that have amassed a large following. That’s because they provide services, which keep your online presence maintained through an updated website while you can focus on other matters of the business.

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