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5 Tips on Selecting the Perfect Domain Name


Your #domainname is just like your company name – it is the identity of your business. Your domain name is like a banner that can either attract people to your website or repel people from your website. Choosing the right domain name requires a lot of deliberation, knowledge, and insights. The right choice of a domain name will make your website while selecting the wrong name can mar your business. You need to pick the domain name that will suit your business, easy to promote and easy to find.

Picking the right domain name can be very difficult but with the help of this post, you will find the process easy and interesting. Follow the tips below and you will secure the best domain name for your website in no time.

Keep it short and easy to type

One major mistake that many web owners used to make when selecting a domain name for their website is to pick a name that is long and difficult to type. No web users like the domain name that is long and difficult to type. The success of companies like eBay, Google, Facebook etc. is as a result of their short and easy to type domain names. Ensure you pick a domain name that is short and easy to type so that your customers will not find it difficult when searching for you online.

Use the right keywords

Ensure you make use of keywords that are peculiar to your business. for example, if you are into the car repair business, you can make use of or These two domain names clearly indicate the type of business that you do. When customers search for your business, they will easily see your website.

Choose a Catchy name There are many registered domain names on the internet so, it is highly imperative for you to pick a catchy one – the type that will imprint your website in the hearts of visitors. Once you have picked a domain name, share it with your friends, seek their sincere opinion about the name. if your friends find it catchy and they are able to remember it a few days after you revealed it to them then it is a catchy domain name.

Do thorough research on the domain name that you picked Since there are many registered domain names online, the probability is high that the domain name you just selected has been registered, trademarked or copyrighted by another company. You need to totally avoid such domain name since it can result in a huge legal mess.

Select the right domain extension

Domain extensions are suffixes at the end of your web address. Each can have specific uses. For example; the “.edu” domain extension is usually used by academic institutions like colleges and university, while the “.com” domain which is also the most popular, is used by many websites regardless of the type of services they render. always select the domain extension that suits your type of business.

Bottom line

You should not neglect the importance of a good domain name, it is highly crucial to the development and growth of your website.

At we know the importance of domain name, that is why we sell awesome domain names and we also give you the best tips and tricks on how to select the right one for your website.

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