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Why you should Use a Professional #WebsiteBuilder

Website Builder

Using a website builder sounds like a smart idea, especially when it comes to first time and novice users.  It costs nothing as compared to hiring a web designer for your website. In current times, website builders are considered a useful tool to kick-start your business. There are various website builders available and you have a wide range to choose the one which can cater your needs.

Website building tools offer people with creativity and goals to independently start their own thing online without having to be IT and web design professionals. And the best part about a tool that helps you build websites is the fact they have a zero learning curve.

But that isn't to say you should just use any website building tool on the web. You need to be smart about it and select a software or web application that is not just simple to use, but must have all the features and specifications required to get your website on top. In light of this, this article will highlight some of the major advantages associated with opting for a professional website builder.

Affordable for Solopreneurs

If you are trying to build a business yourself and aren’t generating more than 75% of the revenue you should in a year, you don’t need to invest further. Opting for Website Builder UK is probably the best and most affordable option for you. Apart from this, professional marketers also suggest using website builders.

To Test a New Concept

There will be times that you may some excellent idea but won’t be entirely sure if they can get you anywhere – in this case, instead of hiring help, you save some money and opt for a web builder tool that can help you realise and brainstorm what ideas to implement and what to let go of. You can always get a quick start by setting up your website. Web builders are a safe source to test whether or not your idea will attract the masses by letting you know if your business has potential to make money.

Appealing Layout

It is a misconception that you cannot get an appealing layout like the ones you get from web designers. However, with a professional service, you will be getting customized templates to increase your website’s visual appeal which is necessary to attract users. You may even find out which templates go well with the theme of your website. However, there are some really feature-packed web builder tools you can opt for that have the best of the best, free templates you can use to get your e-commerce website off the ground.

Various Website Building Options

A professional website builder allows you to build distinctive kinds of websites without any hindrance. You can come up with an e-commerce store, social network, membership website, or even community forums via using website builder. Not only this, it allows you to control every aspect of your website as well. Thereby, you have complete freedom to run things just like the way you want.

Bottom Line

A professional website can help you in numerous ways. From allowing you to build your website as per your choice of customising categories and templates, a website builder is a useful way to begin your business journey. You should consider opting for the tool first before making significant choices.

Check out the ChiefHosting.co.uk Website Builder

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#CloudHosting : What Every Business Needs to Know

Cloud Hosting: What Every Business Needs to Know

If you've used traditional web hosting, it is natural to become a bit overwhelmed when it comes to Cloud Hosting - the technology doesn't necessarily come with a zero learning curve.

 But if your business needs a flexible, low-cost, and scalable hosting solution, there is no question you should immediately opt for the best cloud hosting services.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Before opting for cloud hosting for online business, you should learn more about how everything functions. Cloud hosting provides scalability levels that you cannot get from traditional web hosting platform. Plus, you will also have access to virtual space as per the needs of your business. With cloud hosting, you don't pay for the space of a single server, but you pay as per the usage of the space instead.

Experts suggest cloud hosting can turn out to be beneficial for all sorts of businesses as it possesses the potential to balance the load via incorporating various server clusters. All data is saved in the cluster. This way, you can still access the data even if your server goes down. The technology is no doubt resilient and elastic and there are fewer chances that it will affect your performance.

Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud hosting providers offer two hosting services, and you can choose any one depending on the needs of your business. 

  • Software as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a service

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With this service, the provider will host the information and applications for your brand or company on the storage system and servers with SaaS. Moreover, your users can access SaaS applications via their web browser. Your company will need to pay the service provider on a per month basis.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

You will get physical servers, virtual machines, connectivity resources, and storage switching when you need to run business-related applications as soon as you start using them. Moreover, you will only have to install and maintain the virtual machine or operating system whereas the service provider will be responsible for managing the infrastructure of the hardware on which your virtual machines or applications function.

It is Economical

In most cases, you need to save important data regarding your business and there are chances that you may run out of space. It encourages companies to build data centers costing a fortune or to expand existing departments.

That is where cloud hosting helps your business the most. With the help of technology, you can transfer information, application, and other data to the service provider’s infrastructure without spending a hefty amount of money in the process.

Can Facilitate Staff Members

Most of the companies have IT members that are dedicated to troubleshooting, managing, and maintaining data and storage along with other applications and functionalities. Opting for cloud service can reduce this workload significantly.

Cloud hosting helps keep the infrastructure running with streamlined efficiency and effectiveness - managing a slew of processes becomes simplified. Plus, it will enable you to transfer work responsibilities of your IT team to the provider. This way, the IT staff can focus on the other aspects that may contribute to business success.

Bottom Line

Cloud hosting can help your business in various ways as the idea is convenient and cost-effective.


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Common Misconceptions Businesses Have about Web Hosting

Common Misconceptions Businesses Have about Web Hosting

A website is necessary for your business. You can achieve and retain customers in the longer run if you opt for the reliable web hosting provider in this regard. Every technique has its positive and negative aspects and the case is similar with web hosting. However, you should steer clear of all sorts of misconceptions before begin searching for a web hosting service provider.

Some of the common misconceptions are:

They Provide Similar Service

It is a wrong perception that every company provides similar services. This is one of the reasons why finding accurate web hosting service seems troubling to business owners. You can solve this problem via reading online reviews or visiting their website or social media platform. It may get confusing if you don’t learn what level of service your website requires. Therefore, sort that out first and look for a web host later.

The Service is Expensive

You should spend a considerable time to find a web host as per your needs. You might have heard that these companies cost a fortune that is not true. You can find good service providers at affordable rates. You should not spend hefty sum of money thinking you will get best services this way as the rate of the company does not determine premium work.

Domains and Hosting Purchase

Many business owners believe that you cannot purchase domain name and hosting separately. It is noteworthy that you can buy them separately. Many experts suggest that it is acceptable and you may get better services after opting for this strategy. Therefore, don’t hesitate to purchase hosting and Domain Name UK from distinctive sellers and let them handle the business.

Server Details

If you think learning about server details is regarded as less important when buying web hosting services. You are mistaken. This is as essential as knowing about specs of a mobile phone before making the final decision. Therefore, you should ask the specifications your host can offer such as how much disk space will he provide for website files? What will be the server access option? Before investing any money, you need to find out if you hiring a potential service provider or not.


People may emphasise that you should hire a host with positive reviews for your business website. However, positive reviews will not guarantee the required outcome. You should not ignore the fact that every company thrives to satisfy their clients 100% but it is not the case always. This does not indicate that they always disappoint their client either. It often happens that you come across the web hosting service providers with positive and negative reviews alike. Therefore, make sure to scan the social media of the service providers and observe what type of reviews people have given them.

Bottom Line

Web hosting is considered important for your business website. However, you will only need to find the reliable service providers to steer clear of doubts.





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#CloudEmail: Everything You Need to Know

UK Hosted Cloud Email Account

In the world of Technology and business, the ‘cloud’ is taking over by storm and there are many reasons why. But before we get as to why Cloud Email is so beneficial, let’s learn what it’s all about first. In simple terms, the cloud is the newest technology that’s being used in large-scale corporations and businesses. Among most of its uses, email hosting is the most popular aside from storage.

The reason for organisations to turn towards cloud email is that it is a better alternative for storing highly sensitive information such as email. This is because the information is stored in a centralised location that can’t be accessed by anyone. This offers the benefit of businesses being able to have all their important data stored so that there is a backup in case of disaster.

The reason why it’s so beneficial is that it’s a cheaper option compared to traditional email servers which would incur heavy costs. By outsourcing your business’ email server, the IT department has more time to deal with the growth prospects and participate in active discussion rather than supervise the email server.

The concern about security may arise because critical information is often exchanged over email and traditional servers are considered as for more secure. In response to this concern, it would be beneficial to know that cloud-based email hosting offer encryption to protect sensitive data from eyes of others. That being said, a degree of confidentiality is maintained which is similar to that of the military.

The biggest advantage is of storage as this is what cloud services are most commonly known for. No longer will businesses need to find means and space for storing email within the company’s own archives because they can simply upload it to a cloud. Another benefit associated with cloud-based email servers is that no additional hardware is required to be installed and no software, either. A simple internet connection will do and there won’t be a need for constant upgrades which are quite common in traditional email servers.

When it comes to finances, it can be argued that associating with a regular email server would incur expenses which would vary each time, making the process unpredictable. Cloud-based email, on the other hand, allows businesses and corporations to streamline their finances according to a fixed budget. This makes room for improving other aspects of a company instead of holding it down to the unpredictable costs of traditional email servers.

It features a model which is similar to ‘pay as you go’ and promotes the efficient allocation of resources. There becomes less of a need to guess and even though there will some procedures to go through first, it’s a small price to pay for Load Balanced Cloud Hosting services that offer peace of mind.

Sure, the benefits of cloud hosting are enormous but an inability to understand certain concepts is no excuse to miss out on the benefits it offers. Many UK cloud hosting services offer the benefit of consultation as well as implementation when it comes to these matters.

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5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Opting for #CloudHosting

UK Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is the buzzword among companies and businesses these days whether they’re B2B or B2C. The benefits of cloud hosting give all the more reason for businesses to employ a strategy such as this one. When it comes to choosing an adequate cloud hosting provider, there’s more to it than just visiting the website and reading reviews about other people’s experiences. There are certain factors one must consider when opting for cloud hosting.

1.     Hardware and Growth

Once you’ve contacted a particular cloud hosting provider, you have to make sure that the hardware they provide to you is of top-notch quality. This means that specifications should be in line with recent technological developments and the hardware should be new i.e. unused.

Another crucial aspect to consider is that just like any other business, your business will have certain periods of growth. This means that the website will be drawing in more traffic and when this happens; your cloud hosting provider should be ready to provide you with the bandwidth you require to stay afloat. Select a model that allows for changes during the period of high traffic and returns back to normal later.

2.     Security

Despite the fact that cloud hosting is more secure, it is still the job of a certain business to check with the hosting provider and see whether security standards are up to the mark. Your business will be exchanging large amounts of confidential information through cloud services which makes it essential that your Load Balanced cloud hosting provider can avoid the danger of a breach.

3.     Expense

The cost of a UK cloud hosting services isn’t the primary factor that should be considered but the truth remains that every company has a budget that they must stick to. In fact, cost should always be analyzed alongside other aspects such as the quality of the data-centre of encryption services.

When it comes to the cost, the main aim isn’t to get the cheapest service, but rather to get what you pay for. That’s why it pays off to do some research before making a decision.

4.     Damage and Backup

The physical location of a business can be affected by various issues and this includes weather changes or natural disasters. Companies should have peace of mind that their data is safe even after data centers are completely destroyed.

Make sure to learn whether a UK cloud hosting service uploads important data to someplace away from the site. If that is so, then it’s also important to know how often data will be backed up.

5.     Support and Control

No two WordPress cloud hosting services are the same, which makes it difficult for employees in the IT department to understand the concepts of a new data centre. Problems can arise and queries will need to be answered anytime, which highlights the need for excellent customer service 24 hours a day.

At the same time, not everything should be in the hands of the cloud hosting service provider and there must be a control panel that’s easy to understand which gives access to authorized personnel within the business. That way, IT employees can access the server and make changes or additions.

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The Top Benefits of Hosted E-mail for Your Business

business hosted email

Internal and External communication, both are considered to be essential to the success of a business. Having proper channels through which employees can easily communicate can increase the productivity of the staff. Moreover, the kind of internal communication network your business has determined the speed at which everyday problems can be resolved. With the introduction of multiple devices, it is important that the employees can access their messages wherever they are. E-mail hosting has recently seen an increase in popularity and more and more businesses are now switching to e-mail hosting services. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits associated with the use of hosted e-mail.

1.      Professionalism

With so many free e-mail providers out there, it is difficult to reflect the importance of the business in your communication efforts with clients and customers. Having a single hosting service can allow the employees to have a unique specialised ID that they can use when carrying out business communication. For a business, using hosted e-mail can reflect professionalism.

2.      Security

Any documents related to the business that you wish to share with other employees will be kept secure through the use of a hosted e-mail. Most hosted e-mail service providers keep data protection on top of their priorities and make sure that all the information shared across the channel is kept secure. Many providers make use of firewalls, SSL certificates, and other private connections that increases the security of the communication network.

3.      Ease of Access

Whether you are working from home or at the office using your phone, e-mail hosting service providers make sure that you have 24/7 access to your messages. With such a service, you will not need to worry about the downtime associated with the host as there is a support team that will take care of any errors that rise. The ease of access brings in increased flexibility for all the employees and does not let location become an obstacle in the way of productivity.

4.      Finding Contacts

Managing an address book helps all the employees significantly. The sharing of contact information can reduce the time it takes to complete a particular task and can significantly improve the communication network of the business. People do not have to spend hours trying to locate the contact information for a particular person and can easily send an e-mail regarding any issue they are facing.

5.      No Storage Problems

All e-mail hosting service providers make sure that your employees can store thousands of messages in their inbox as business communication is much more complex. Having adequate storage capacity helps the employees get access to numerous saved resources just by visiting their inbox.

Bottom Line

Having a hosted e-mail service provider brings about a massive change in the way employees communicate with each other. Better communication leads to productivity and increased efficiency. So, take the decision today to hire the right e-mail hosting services UK for all your communication needs.

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Why You Should Consider #WordPressCloudHosting

WordPress Cloud Hosting

If you are familiar with content management, you must have heard the name WordPress come up more than once. WordPress, apart from being one of the most popular content management systems, is also considered to be a web hosting resource that has been used by numerous satisfied users. In this article, we will discuss why you should give WordPress Cloud Hosting a second thought and should make the decision with complete confidence.

1.      Cost-Effective

The installation process will be straightforward due to an optimised WordPress Cloud Hosting platform and the costs associated with the running of the site will be incredibly low. These two factors make WordPress Cloud Hosting an absolute bliss for small businesses that are not ready to incur major costs associated with web design.

2.      SEO Friendly

If you use WordPress, your website will be able to gain increased visibility across different search engines because of the ability of the content management systems to let the spiders of the search engines crawl. This increased visibility is something that can prove to be extremely helpful to the success of a small business looking to gain awareness and build an image in the minds of consumers. Your WordPress website will also rank higher with ChiefHosting's WordPress Unlimited plan due to the superfast caching service.

3.      Compatibility

Because of the performance efficiency associated with WordPress hosted websites, you will not face any problems when it comes to being mobile friendly or being compatible with different devices. WordPress will be able to provide the users with a different version that they can access smoothly. This ease of access creates a positive image in the minds of the consumers that visit your website and results in higher conversions for your business.

4.      Security and Safety

The WordPress unlimited plan includes a free SSL certificate and other safety measures implemented on your website, including automatic patching. Thus, you do not have to worry any longer about the security of your WordPress website. This increased security is sure to increase the trust of your customers resulting in a loyal customer base.

5.      Unlimited Hosting & Email

The WordPress Cloud Hosting plan is unlimited in every respect. You will not have any issues with storage or bandwidth. You also receive unlimited 10GB email accounts and subdomains.

6.      Performance

Whether it is the downtime that you are worried about or the occurrence of errors, having a support system that you can rely on is something that will give you the satisfaction that you need. The speed and performance of your website are of great importance to the customers visiting which is why having WordPress Cloud Hosting is the best decision that you can make for your business. Our superfast caching system, load balancing and unlimited, un-metred bandwidth will set your WordPress hosted website above the competition.

Bottom Line

While there are many options when it comes to WordPress Cloud Hosting, it is no doubt that choosing this hosting is beneficial to the overall success of your business. ChiefHosting's cloud based WordPress Cloud Hosting will allow you to start building your website today, hassle free and include all the performance attributes to make it one of the fastest WordPress websites out there!

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Things You Should Know About Cloud E-mail


Moving to the Cloud is a decision that many businesses are making today. It is because of the various benefits associated with the use of UK Cloud hosting services that these changes are taking place. Migrating from the traditional e-mail to Cloud e-mail is another idea that should cross your mind if it has not already. The effectiveness of Cloud e-mail is slowly spreading across different organizations, and while many are reluctant about making a move, there are others that have successfully shifted and are satisfied. In this article, we will discuss some of the things that you should be aware of if you are on the fence about this move. 

  1. Maintaining an in-house server for your e-mails is considered to be relatively more expensive than having cloud e-mail set up. There is no need for hardware, staff, or any other physical infrastructure. This substantially reduces your costs associated with installation and maintenance.
  2. If you opt for an e-mail server that is managed internally, you will expose your business to loss of data. With Cloud-based e-mail hosting your data will remain protected and you can count on the provider in case of a disaster.
  3. Cloud-based e-mail hosting employs sophisticated and the latest tools that ensure security and data protection. Thus security breaches are considered to be a rare event in case of UK Cloud Hosting Services.
  4. The providers give the management of uptime a lot of importance. This is because such a massive hosting service cannot afford to have regular downtimes. Thus there is higher reliability associated with the use of Cloud-based e-mail hosting services which is essential to the success and efficiency of any business' operations.
  5. With Cloud-based e-mail hosting, you will no longer need to worry about delivering your employees access anywhere, anytime. A Cloud-based e-mail hosting system will let all the employees enjoy uniform access to their e-mails that will work great to increase the productivity.
  6. As your business grows, your needs for increased data storage also increase. This is why it is best to opt for a Cloud based e-mail hosting system that will be flexible and will be able to grow with the needs of your business. There are no extra costs related to infrastructure or personnel that you need to incur as the business grows.

Bottom Line

Switching to Cloud for all your e-mail storage needs is a decision that you should definitely consider while keeping in mind the needs of your business. In-house e-mail servers are slowly losing popularity because of the lack of advanced tools implemented. Making this move is a decision that is sure to increase your business’ productivity and efficiency.

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Busting Myths About Cloud Hosting


Cloud hosting has transformed the way businesses operate by introducing phenomenal ease. However, like every other innovation in technology, Cloud hosting has also been facing challenges when it comes to acceptance from users. This is because many people have translated their fears into baseless myths that have found a way to creep into the minds of many others. This article will attempt to address some of the myths associated with Cloud computing and will explain the reality behind them.

1.      It Is A One-Man Show

Many people assume that Cloud hosting is a decision that is taken by the I.T team of a company only. But in reality, the decision to shift to Cloud computing is one that has an effect on each and every individual working for the company and hence the consent of the top management is considered to be vital to its success. Moreover, training will have to be given to everyone using the Cloud to ensure a smooth transition.

2.      It Is Too New

People today are still reluctant when it comes to making the shift to UK cloud hosting because they believe it is still a relatively new concept. Whereas according to statistics, cloud computing is increasingly being introduced in various business models. Cloud computing is hence considered to have reached the stage of maturity.

3.      A Solution For Everything

UK Cloud hosting services are an effective solution for many of the problems faced by certain type of businesses. But it is not true that cloud computing can be regarded as a solution for every business model. There are some that will benefit more by having I.T. infrastructure installed.

4.      Cost-Effectiveness Is The Only Main Benefit

While it is true that the shift to cloud computing reduces costs for the business there are many other benefits associated with its use. Some of the benefits include ease of access, greater efficiency, and increased data protection.

5.      Lack Of Security

It would be wrong to assume that cloud computing is free of all security threats but it would also be a mistake to believe that it has greater risks. Using cloud computing is as risky as using the traditional methods. The only difference between the two is that in cloud computing you will also be held responsible for the breach along with the provider.

6.      Cloud Computing Results In Less Jobs

Many people fear that because of the introduction of Cloud computing within the organization, people will end up going home. This is untrue because as stated in point 1, cloud computing is now self-serving and needs specialized personnel to ensure regular maintenance. If anything, this new technology has given many people the opportunity to gain more skills by specializing in this area. This will lead to growth and development of many new jobs.

Bottom Line

Moving to Cloud computing is a decision is one that should be given due importance and research. After looking at all aspects, decide whether cloud computing will be suitable for your business needs and make the changes accordingly.

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How to Choose a Cloud Hosting Provider

How to Choose a Cloud Hosting Provider

Modern technological advancements have given businesses an opportunity to streamline their processes and cut down the number of resources required. Cloud hosting providers have transformed the whole industry by providing a highly reliable and secure infrastructure to businesses that are looking to carry out their operations more cost-effectively and efficiently. Cloud services offer better management tools to the business owners and should thus be chosen by all companies that are looking for a solution to their data-related problems.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of choosing the right hosting provider for cloud-based services.

Step 1: Identify Your Needs

The first step is to determine what the needs of your business are. This is because companies should not look for a hosting provider that is known to provide the latest and the most modern solutions but should go for one that helps the company grow their business by taking care of their specific needs. This can only be done once you have done a thorough analysis of the needs of your business and how the hosting provider can help you attain growth of the business. Determine what your needs are related to data storage and IT infrastructure and then move on to the next step.

Step 2: Ask the Provider about Their Services

Once you have a clear idea about your needs, you are in a better position to decide whether a particular provider will be able to solve your problems or not. UK Cloud hosting services providers have a range of different offerings that cater to various needs. Ask the providers what kind of infrastructure they have established and are willing to offer.

Step 3: Ensure Security

The most important aspect of your hosting provider is the kind of security that they offer to their customers. Security is given a lot of importance when making this decision since the companies do not want to risk losing their data or sending their data through unreliable means. You need to find out whether there are ample background checks that are ensured by the UK Cloud hosting services provider in question or not. Also, ask them what kind of security measures are taken by them to ensure the protection and safety of the data.

Step 4: Discuss the Pricing Structure

Once you have given ample security consideration, it is time to discuss the pricing structure of the provider. Find out what their mode of charging is and stay away from providers that demand an upfront fee of any kind. Also, discuss the changes in a pricing structure that will take place with the addition of services in the future.

Step 5: Ask All Data-Related Queries

Along with security, another important consideration is the security and safety of the data center of the UK Cloud hosting services provider. It is during this time that you should ask the provider questions regarding their protection measures in case of natural disasters and what their mode of action is in case any data is lost. At this point, it is essential to ensure that the provider takes appropriate measures to avoid the risk of losing important data.

Bottom Line

Once you have asked the above mentioned questions from your UK Cloud hosting services provider, you will find it easier to decide on the right provider based on your needs and wants.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Cloud Email

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Cloud Email

Cloud hosting has brought about a dramatic transformation in the way businesses operate today. Cloud E-mail, however, is one of the features that has faced a lot of skepticism from businesses since the notion regarding outsourcing a business’ email servers is full of fears regarding lack of reliability and trust. Nevertheless, a majority of the global companies have adopted Cloud-based e-mail services and have been significantly pleased with the results. If your company is managing an in-house email service system and you are thinking of making the switch to Cloud-based email hosting to build more room for growth for your business, this article explains five reasons why you should make the switch.

1.      Lower Costs

Choosing options such as Google, Microsoft Exchange or others results in increased costs in the form of more personnel working on the maintenance and up gradation of the email server, hardware and software purchase, and operations. In addition to these, there are also higher costs that are brought about by increased data storage needs. With Cloud-based email hosting, your costs will be reduced significantly because of the absence of many of the facto-rs mentioned above that are only associated with the use of an in-house e-mail server such as more personnel requires as well as annual costs of hardware and software.

2.      No Maintenance Worries

By using Cloud-based email hosting, you prevent your resources and time to be used up by regular maintenance and up gradation checks. With the access of one major point for all changes to be implemented, a lot of costs incurred in the form of personnel and resource use is spared.

3.      Data Protection

Contrary to the common belief, Cloud e-mail offers enhanced protection services for your critical and important data. Dealing with an in-house e-mail server puts you at a risk of losing important data in case you internal network gets compromised. Having your e-mail stored in the Cloud will help you ensure its safety and will make it recoverable at any time.

4.      Ease of Access

E-mail has become a crucial element of business communication which is why it is imperative to have its access at all times. With Cloud-based email hosting, you will not have to worry about the kind of device you have to use to be able to access your e-mail. Cloud E-mail can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This results in overall improved user experience and gives your business an opportunity to make use of an improved communication system.

5.      Increased Security

With Cloud-based email service, you will not have to incur more costs to ensure protection and security for your e-mail content. Unlike the traditional in-house servers, e-mail hosting services UK has an inbuilt system to detect and separate content that is regarded as a malware, phishing or spam attempt. This prevents the businesses from paying more money to enhance the security of their e-mail servers.

Bottom Line

Like any other technological advancement, the reluctance that is witnessed in case of cloud-based email service is understandable. However, the benefits that are brought about by the introduction of such service outweigh any concerns that might be prevalent. Cloud-based email hosting is the next top trend that will revolutionize the way businesses operate.

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5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Cloud Web Hosting

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Cloud Web Hosting

A web hosting provider brings along various benefits for businesses looking to gain greater access and speed regarding their operation. While it is possible to do this on your own, choosing a web host is an easier and more convenient way of going about it. Cloud Hosting is a relatively new form of web hosting that has made it easier for businesses to gain more access, speed, and many other benefits by not having to sacrifice a lot of resources from their side.

With the advancements in technology, every business is expected to have a strong presence. This is essential if you need to grow your business and make the access to the key stakeholders easier and more convenient. Whether you have a small business or a large one, the importance of Cloud Hosting for your business cannot be stressed enough. However, in this article, we will be talking about small businesses in particular and why we think Cloud Hosting can help them gain a stronger position.

Benefits of Using Cloud Hosting for Small Businesses

1. Cost

For small businesses, the cost of maintaining the resources necessary for operation needs to be kept to a minimum level. Cloud hosting eliminates the need for having a complete IT System for small business and instead uses a system of integrated servers to fulfill all the requirements of the business. This is extremely important as a small business is always looking for ways to increase the revenue and reduce costs. By using Cloud Hosting, you can significantly reduce your operational costs and can make more revenue.

2. Ease of Access

Because of the access to unlimited resources, a small business can perform in an ideal manner by making using this ease of access. By using Cloud Hosting for your small business, you can enjoy resources that you could have never accessed if it weren’t for this technology. Cloud Hosting lets small businesses prosper and grow without having to worry about the costs and accessibility problems associated with an otherwise small set up.

3. Security

Another advantage of using Cloud Hosting for your small business is the added security brought forward. For a small business, it would be tough otherwise to maintain proper security measures. This lack of a physical location enables the small businesses to operate with the most advanced security measures and can restrict access to employees if they feel the need.

4. Easy Monitoring

Cloud Hosting enables the owners to access the entire data from one point. This brings massive advantage to small businesses that can easily monitor and track their progress. By using this one common point, small businesses will be in a better position to analyze data and design strategies that will be helpful in growing the business.

5. Scalability

With Cloud Hosting, there is no limit to how much you want your business to expand. With the ease of use coupled with the most advanced technological methods, you can easily take your business forward without having to expand your resources significantly.


Cloud Hosting hence gives small businesses an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits that the large businesses enjoy regarding accessibility and communication. Choosing Cloud Hosting will eliminate many usual issues faced by small businesses by incorporating the most advanced technology.

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How To Choose A Web Host For An E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Cloud Hosted Website

E-commerce has played an important role in transforming the way businesses operate. E-commerce has led a revolution and has provided us with innovative and convenient ways of shopping, traveling, researching, and communicating. This is the reason why successful businesses give significant importance to the way their e-commerce efforts are managed and maintained. Before you decide to choose the right hosting plan for your e-commerce website, it is imperative that you take into account many factors. This is because choosing the perfect hosting plan is significant for the marketing and overall success of your business. Having a website that ends up frustrating the customer can seriously hurt your customer retention efforts.


Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Web Host

1.  Uptime

A site’s uptime refers to the time when it is considered to be operational. As e-commerce website owners, it is essential for you to make sure that your website is up and running at all times. Any downtime faced by your website can end up with your business losing a customer. When looking for the right web host for your e-commerce website, look for a web host that has a trained and efficient staff of workers that perform regular checks an are skilled to resolved any problems that the website might face. Also, look for web hosts that give you the maximum uptime and do not require regular downtime for monitoring the operations. An uptime of at least 99% should be sought when looking for a web host.

2. Security

The second most important factor to look for is the kind of security the web host will provide to your e-commerce website. This is essential because e-commerce websites require a certain level of security and safety. Consumers buying from your website will put in sensitive information that needs to be protected and secured. Look for web hosts that help you install an SSL Certificate for your website. Having a private SSL will help you protect the confidential information of customers and will increase the effectiveness of your website.

3. Customer Support

The kind of customer support, a web host, offers holds a great deal of importance. You do not know when you run into trouble which is why you need a customer support system that you can rely on regarding both, expertise and availability. Choose a web host that offers 24/7 tech support and is easily accessible.

4. Price

When looking for a web host for your e-commerce website, it is important that you do not decide on affordability only. This is because you might end up suffering regarding the availability of features and support if you opt for a cheaper package.  Hence, it is imperative that you decide after taking into consideration all the important aspects.



When looking for a web host, you have a variety of options to choose from such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and others. However, make sure that you keep all these tips in mind when choosing the one which is right for your needs.

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Busting Some Common Myths About Web Hosting

Busting Some Common Myths About Web Hosting

A good web hosting service is crucial in determining how your website is delivered to the customer. A reliable web hosting company ensures your website can be accessed by members of the audience at any given time and you can have peace of mind about there being no downtime. Downtime is when your website is inaccessible and it is harmful since it disrupts traffic from clicking through. Moreover, businesses that operate online can lose a lot of money by not selecting the right web host. You may have heard supposed ‘webmasters’ spread myths about web hosting be wary since many of them are untrue.

All Cloud Web Hosting Providers Are The Same

Err, wrong. Cloud Web hosting services differ based on each provider and so do the needs for your website. If you go into the market you’ll find that they're divided into two categories of being paid and free. The difference is the reliability between both of them and how important is it for your website to be online without interruptions. The uptime provided by each web host is different, but you should never settle for less than 99% if not 99.9%.

Free Web Hosting Services Will Work On All Websites

Based on your business’s needs and objectives, your web hosting service can have a huge impact on how you will achieve those objectives. The services provided by free web hosting services are limited to running a small scale website and don’t allow all that much space for content either. Meanwhile, operating a business website requires that you make a considerable investment for a reliable web hosting service.

Reliable Web Hosting = Expensive

This equation is incorrect because higher prices for web hosting don’t necessarily mean that it’s effective. Don’t fall for services that take more money than they are worth. This means that the features and services are good, but not worth the price. Make sure to do your research on the market before finally deciding to buy a web hosting service.

You Won’t Need a Web Host Once You’ve Established A Website

If you think that only new websites use web hosting to survive on the world wide web that you’re wrong, but right at the same time. That’s because they do need a web hosting service to survive, but so do well-established websites that have amassed a large following. That’s because they provide services, which keep your online presence maintained through an updated website while you can focus on other matters of the business.

You Need IT Experience To Manage A Web Host

Don’t be intimidated by having to manage a website for the first time because a web hosting service is there to guide you along the way. Features like the control panel exist to help the owner manage the website’s different aspects such as web pages, files, domains and e-mails. Opting for a reliable web host also comes with the added benefit of providing tutorials which allow you to start from the basics.

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The Key To Selecting The Right Web Host

The Key To Selecting The Right Web Host

When it comes to managing an online presence, a good website is the foundation of it all and other things such as social media and content come later. Without a sound website, your brand’s efforts to gain online traction will get lost in cyberspace. To avoid this nightmare, it’s important that you choose the right web hosting provider. All seasoned web developers know how to do this, but a beginner would surely feel lost and intimidated by seeing how many services the market provides. It’s important to choose a web host according to your needs so considering a few factors before making your decision will be helpful.

The Objective

Most of the web hosting services are either free to use or need to be paid for. To decide which one is for you, consider if you’re trying to promote a product or not. This is because it’s a waste of money to buy premium services for a website that doesn’t have to promote a product. Meanwhile, it’s considered as ineffective for businesses to use free hosting services which don’t really help in promoting their products.

Opting for a free web hosting service would require businesses to turn to advertisements to increase their visibility. Whereas, paid services can garner attention for your website and keep the cost of online advertising out of the plan. Websites that don’t promote a business only have to pay for a domain name and simply choose a free service which meets their needs.

Reliability of Server

It’s crucial that your web host operates during all hours of the day and seven days a week. Moreover, they should do so on a good server that features strong network connections. All web hosting service providers offer a guarantee of minimum uptime, which basically ensures what percent of hours a website will be in operation on any given day. The recommended percentage is 99.5% no one should agree to lower uptime score than 99%.

There’s a variety of ways to get information on uptime scores of various web hosting services. If you’re still deciding then check out some reviews on service providers, which will give details on uptime scores and if you’ve already decided, you can track this information using monitoring tools that offer free trials.

Options to Upgrade and Expand

Although shared servers are adequate in supporting small blogging sites they require a website to reduce database connections to less than 20. But this solution isn’t as suitable if your website is business-oriented and you can predict growth within the next few years. This is because websites that intend to generate a bigger audience eventually should choose a web hosting service, which will allow them to expand. This makes it easier for a website to get more disk space and improved features that will ensure security.

Offers Customer Support

Even the most expert web developer needs a little bit of help with web hosting services so beginners are no exception. This is why it’s important that the web host that you opt for offers help and solutions whenever things go awry. Check if their services cover a wide range of availability through calls, chats and email before making a decision.

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Why Should You Not Settle for 99.9% Uptime When Hiring a Hosting Company?


If you are in your quest for hiring a hosting company, you must have definitely come across the term “99.9% uptime”. Uptime is a term used to explain the period a service (or a website in your case) is available online. This is typically expressed as a total available time, which is 365 days per year. This means that a website that is up all year long (24*7, 365) is believed to have a 100% uptime. On the other hand, if uptime is 90% that means that the website is down for 36.5 days (out of 365 days in total). To give you a better idea of measuring a Web host’s uptime, we have translated here downtime for 30 days.

  • 99% - Two nines equal 7 hours and 12 minutes of downtime
  • 99.9% - three nines equal 43 minutes and 12 seconds
  • 99.99% - four nines are equivalent to 4 minutes and 19 seconds
  • 99.999% - Five nines are equivalent to only 26 seconds

So, how much downtime can you really tolerate? Truth be told, a business should ideally tolerate no downtime at all. However ChiefHosting.co.uk can actually provide a 100% uptime, thus it makes commercial sense to move your hosting to us. Hosting companies often make a big deal about uptime guarantees. However, they rarely ever compensate clients if they break them. Since uptime guarantees are only attractive when used in a marketing pitch, it is best if you don’t settle for one offering a 99.9% uptime- just to be on the safe side.

Why Is Uptime So Important?

Uptime is extremely important for online businesses and websites. Imagine having your e-commerce store down for days – how would that affect the performance and image of your business?

  1. You will lose clients – chances are that people who visit a website that is unavailable at that time, won’t bother visiting it again. Keep in mind that present day online competition is intense, so don’t think your absence, although temporary, will not have any impact on your potential customers. Owing to the abundant supply of online vendors, it doesn’t take customers much time to ditch your business for another ‘available’ one.
  2. Your rankings will be affected – downtime is especially bad for SEO. Google wants to ensure web surfer-satisfaction, which is why it will not send them to a webpage that has a low uptime. Remember: website downtime is severely damaging to SEO.

You lose credibility – potential customers who visit your website and find it nonfunctional will be much less likely to visit it the next time. Firstly, because it gives a bad impression and shows that you do not take your business seriously. Secondly, a lot of customers will be less happy to continue with a purchase in the fear that their payment details will be compromised – what if they make a purchase and your website goes down again? Questions like these can seriously harm your brand image.

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5 Things That Every Modern Business Owner Should Know About Cloud Hosting


Did you know that cloud hosting is a must for your business’s success and growth? Well, you are not alone. There are many business owners today who are not familiar with the actual concept of cloud hosting. Most of them have confused it for something else. This is the reason why we believe that it’s the right time when a cloud computing introduction might be useful. So, in the upcoming discussion, you will learn many important facts that can prove why it has become a big deal for the business world today.

We will give you a brief introduction about it. Here are some key features that will help you reap essential benefits for your business. Read the following points and think – Will my business be benefited by such hosting?”

1.    100% Uptime

Our data centre is hugely robust and its architecture means there can be no single point of failure. Thus, we are very confident to be able to offer a 100% up-time guarantee for all services.  

2.    Load Balancing

Our platforms are load-balanced and automatically scale to meet resource demands at no extra cost to you. When our load balancers detect increased traffic on your website then additional resources are made available to effectively supercharge your website to allow it to meet any demand placed on it.

3.    Linux, Windows and WordPress Cloud Hosting Platforms

We offer Linux Cloud Hosting, Windows Cloud Hosting and WordPress cloud hosting. Each package is optimised for the platform it runs on. We offer free SSL certs for the unlimited hosting packages.

By now you would have realized that cloud hosting can be many things for different businesses depending on their business’ specific needs. The best thing about it is that it makes businesses more responsive with respect to current market trends. If you need such services for your business or your business website, we would recommend you to go for professionals like Chief Hosting. Visit www.chiefhosting.co.uk today to select a hosting package best suited to you.

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Earn Money £££ as a Hosting Affiliate Marketing Agent

Affiliate Marketing

Become a Hosting Affiliate

Earn up to £80 per successful hosting referral by sharing your unique URL link with anyone you want. The more referrals you make the more you earn!

Step #1. Create Your Account

Simply fill in the affiliate registration form and get listed as a new affiliate of ChiefHosting.co.uk. You will receive an email with your login details to your own powerful account dashboard, with your statistics, marketing information and other useful tools.

Step #2. Start Referring

Share your unique URL link with as many individuals or business owners as you want. Your link will identify you to us once a purchase has been made and you will then receive commission. We also send you a discount code to offer to potential customers.

Step #3. Receive Earnings

Each time we receive a sale directed from you we will then transfer your earnings to you ASAP. We can transfer via PayPal or Bank transfer. You could earn up to £842 for just 10 successful referrals! Read more below.


Become an affiliate of ChiefHosting.co.uk today!


Our Affiliate System

You will have access to all the information you need about your accounts, traffic, conversions, commissions and payments via your affiliate dashboard.


You will have access to all your accounts, you are able to edit your contact details or payment method details, and will have the option to apply for new affiliate accounts too.


A list of all sales you generate and that have been approved and how much commission you earned for these sales is displayed in both graphical and list form.

Traffic Logs

As an affiliate you will see all the traffic you generated using your affiliate link, filter results by date range, etc.


The most important screen. Here you will see your complete payment history.


Commission Payments

Currently we are only able to offer commission on our cloud hosting plans at a very generous 60%. We also offer a fixed £10 for every new affiliate that registers with us who has been referred by you.


Monthly (Paid Once)

Yearly (Paid Once)

New Affiliate Registration

Sales Bonus

Cherokee £1.78 £19.79 £10 £50 (Every Ten Sales)
Comanche £2.97 £32.99 £10 £50 (Every Ten Sales)
Navajo £5.94 £65.99 £10 £50 (Every Ten Sales)
WordPress £7.19 £79.20 £10 £50 (Every Ten Sales)


For more information please visit: https://www.chiefhosting.co.uk/affiliate-referral-program 

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Top 5 Tips for Buying a Domain Name in the UK


Choosing a domain name is similar to choosing a company name. A lot of consideration is demanded to create a unique domain name for your business. Your domain name acts as your identity on the web, so one should make sure to choose wisely.

There are many companies and service providers that provide domain names for websites. If you’re looking forward to buying a domain name in the UK, then you need to be very cautious in choosing the best service provider.

In this guide, we will discuss some of the tips for choosing the best domain name for your business:

1. Unique and Short

Uniqueness attracts, so make sure that your domain name must be unique. Ensure that your domain name stands out in the reader's mind. Moreover, short and simple is the way to go.

2. Use Keywords and Target Your Area

It’s important to use keywords in your domain name. Select keywords that describe your business and use them in the domain name as it helps to improve your rank on search engines which further increase the traffic.

3. Easy to Remember

There are millions of registered domain names. So, make sure to choose a domain name that is catchy and memorable. Moreover, the domain name should be easy to type and easy to pronounce.

4. Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

Numbers and hyphens are often misunderstood. So, make sure that you don’t use any one of them in your domain name.

5. Protect and Build Your Brand

Make sure to purchase various domain extensions to protect your brand. It’s important to register different variations to be safe. This ensures that your customers are directed to your website even if they mistype it.

If you’re looking forward to buy a domain name in the UK, then Chief Hosting can prove out to be the best option for you.

To find out more and to buy, please visit https://www.chiefhosting.co.uk/.

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Ultra Fast UK Cloud Hosting


Unlike other web hosts, if you host your website with ChiefHosting.co.uk then it isn’t tied to one single server but makes use of a whole platform, meaning that you get incredible reliability and speed at an unbelievably low price. Traditional shared hosting performance is subject to how much traffic you get and what other users are doing, but our platforms are load-balanced and automatically scale to meet resource demands at no extra cost to you.

Your website stays online and runs fast so you can concentrate on your business and sales.


Our Key Selling Points

  • Choose from three powerful platforms: Linux, WordPress, or Windows
  • Free Automatic Account Migration from another web host to us
  • Over 100 different domain TLD (extensions) to choose from
  • Website builder software to allow you to build you own websites*
  • Daily backups*
  • 10GB email mailboxes as standard
  • Autoscaling and load-balanced
  • Enhanced speed and security
  • 100% SSD (solid state drive) storage
  • IPv6 enabled
  • Secure, state-of-the-art UK data centre
  • 24/7 Friendly UK support
  • Service and Pricing Guarantees


Our Technology

We’ve invested heavily in our hardware to ensure optimal performance and a faultless design with no single point of failure. Each server has Dual Intel Xeon CPU E5-2640 v3 octa-core processors with hyper-threading for 32 logical cores and 64GB DDR4 RAM. All MySQL and MSSQL databases are hosted on dedicated 32 core servers with 128GB RAM and full SSD storage.

We’ve developed an incredibly resilient high performance storage platform utilising 100% SSD storage arrays in a RAID 10 configuration, with battery-backed hardware RAID cards. Storage arrays are then replicated across multiple servers so in the highly unlikely event that disks, arrays or entire servers fail there will be no downtime or impact to your site. We take daily data backups*, which are stored at a secured offsite facility. We also run our own bespoke Web Application Firewall that continually monitors and filters out threatening requests before they can even target your website.


*Optional services at additional costs


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